In the gastronomic hotel trades and businesses, the most significant things are the numerous unconscious and conscious factors that give you a sense of comfort and well-being. But irrespective of these requirements relating to the user, there are other aspects to consider. They should meet the high expectations of a demanding client, and they are permanently under observation. And this applies in a unique style to the floor coverings. These are not only prone to the extensive time scale of periodic renovation, but they are also cleaned every day, especially in the guestrooms. Keeping it short and descriptive, if you want to be up to the mark, you need to present yourself impeccably at all times.

Wool carpets are the ideal possible choice for many interior designs. Undoubtedly, there is nothing new about this – but the variety of their concrete applications and properties nonetheless suggests exciting food for consideration.

 The climatic and acoustic properties of wool are significant, as there are so many safety aspects are related to these carpet fabrics. Acoustic quality is not only effective in lessening the room-noise. A non-slip pile cushions resist any movement and can swallow up a good deal of the sound of footsteps.

 Here wool is a star performer – just because of its capacity for absorbing almost 30% by its weight in moisture without feeling clammy to the touch.

A carpet cuts heating costs as it insulates the warm air in the room from the cold, underfloor area, and the small air pockets between the carpet fibers also help to store heat. This is probably not of a great attraction to your visitors and guests. But they will definitely appreciate the soft touch on the feet, and the cozy feeling it gives a room.

In addition to this, wool fibers are naturally flame retardant, because they need more oxygen than is present in the air to ignite. Because of their complicated and complex structure of the cell, they can cleanse the air of toxic substances, like formaldehyde, for instance (as confirmed by the International Wool Textile Organisation,

Over and above all these qualities of woolen carpets, the guest’s attention will be drawn to the design of his or her environment – above all that of the bedroom.

Each hotel is an autonomous cosmos in its own right. There are no rules for creating an authentic, modern, timeless, or radical interior. This is something hotel proprietors will need to decide for themselves and their establishments.continue reading

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